Devin Carter is a cinematographer with a passion for striking visuals and emotive storytelling. As a freelancer he has worked on productions of the highest regard. Recent commercials include campaigns for Guinness in Ghana and Nigeria, international campaigns for Bata shoes, Campaigns for FIFA in Brazil and Nigeria, as well as working with the South African national cricket and rugby teams on numerous projects. Other recent documentary projects have included filming interviews with football legend Pele and royal family member Prince Harry. He has also shot two feature films which have already gained international attention, as well as a long term stay as the main cinematographer of Uzalo, South Africa’s number one watched Television show, shooting approximately 70 episodes.

Starting out in a relatively small city in South Africa, he approached the industry with vigor, delivering a variety of music videos, commercials and documentary videos with very small resources, and at a level of quality that matched the biggest productions.

This process of shooting without the luxury of large budgets excelled his camera and lighting skills, he
learned to shoot smart and get fantastic results. To do things himself and work within the limitations, never complaining about lack of equipment or finances. He also edited most of the videos himself, and regards that experience as one of the most crucial skills for any person calling themselves a DOP.

Occasionally he directed and even produced videos, with a video produced for a Norwegian charity taking
him all the way to Canada for the annual TED Talks conference, accepting an award his viral PSA that year
in TED’s ‘Ads worth spreading’ Campaign. Being involved in all aspects of the creative filmmaking process
like this has given him a unique introspect and method of working. Directors request his services over and
over again because of his ability to connect with them and visualize the best method of getting the best result.

He also inspires other crew members and has been commended as a leader and visionary.